We specialise in Criminal Law. Call our 24 hour contact number 01233 510618.

Tony Harden Solicitors, Ashford Kent

About Us

Tony Harden Solicitors Specialises in Criminal Law and associated matters.  The Solicitors who represent the firm carry a wealth of legal knowledge and experience and strive to provide a reliable and professional service from the outset.

We provide clear, expert advice ensuring you fully understand all of the options available to you, so that together, we can make a balanced decision about how to proceed with your matter.

We offer our services on a both legal aid and privately funded basis.  If you require advice and assistance please arrange a free 30 minute consultation to discuss matters in more detail.  If however, you have an urgent matter out of office hours then please do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour contact number 01233 510 618.

Areas of Expertise

Image of Kent police vehicles parked outside of police station

Police Station Representation

We provide FREE representation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all clients at any police station in the country.  Whether it’s upon arrest or if you have an interview scheduled by way of voluntary attendance, we can assist.

If you did not request a solicitor upon arrest and are returning on bail, we are still happy to advise and represent you in respect of the matter you face. All you need to do is ask for Tony Harden Solicitors upon arrest or contact us directly for any pre-arranged attendance that is due to take place.

Youth wearing handcuffs

Youth Court

Tony Harden Solicitors are able to advise and represent any youth within the criminal court anywhere in the country.

Our solicitors are experienced in handling youth matters and appreciate the strain this process can have on both the youth and the parents.

We provide clear advice from the outset and ensure that the client is fully understanding of the case against them and any potential outcome they may face.

The outside of margate magistrates court building

Magistrates Court

All solicitors under this firm are able to provide representation within any Magistrates Court in the country on both a legal aid funded or privately funded basis dependant upon your personal financial circumstances. If you have been charged with an offence and are due to appear before the Magistrates Court, or if you have received a court summons then please get in touch and one of our experienced team will be happy to take over the conduct of your case and provide you with the necessary advice and representation.

Crown Court

Crown Court

Tony Harden is a higher court advocate which enables him to represent our clients personally within the Crown Court.  We are also connected with highly experiences barristers from some of the most highly regarded chambers in London who are experts in all areas of criminal law and Crown Court proceedings. When a matter is due to be heard before the Crown Court we consider all cases individually and instruct the most appropriate barrister for your case in that instance.

Scrabble blocks spell 'funding'

Funding Your Case

We are happy to provide an initial consultation either in person or via telephone for 30 minutes free of charge.  However, in the event that you require further assistance then we can arrange obtaining the appropriate information from you in support of a legal aid application (if available to you) or will agree a fixed on a private paying basis.

Legal Aid UK Agency logo

Legal Aid

Legal aid is means tested. It is administered by The Legal Aid Agency.  If granted, the cost of your representation will be free however, in certain circumstances subject to a means assessment you may need to pay a contribution towards your case.  It must also be deemed in the public interests of justice for you to qualify for legal aid.  We will apply for legal aid on your behalf free of charge.

Police Station Attendance

If you are interviewed by the police, whether at a police station or elsewhere, under arrest or as a volunteer, it is imperative that you attend with a solicitor. Tony Harden Solicitors can provide a solicitor free of charge in all cases regardless of your financial status.  One of our team can advise you in person or in certain circumstances, on the telephone.

Non police agencies which include the RSPCA, DWP who deal specifically with benefit fraud, are not funded by this scheme. You may however be eligible for advice and assistance and we will assess your circumstances to ascertain whether or not you qualify for funding or alternatively arrange representation on a privately paid basis.

Areas of Law Also Covered:

  • Advocacy Appeals
  • Miscarriage of Justice Cases
  • Customs & Excise and Border Force Cases
  • Fraud & White Collar Crime Cases
  • Tax Fraud Cases
  • Military Law Cases
  • Proceeds of Crime Enforcement, Confiscation Rostrate and Cash Forfeiture Cases.
  • Road Traffic Act Offences & Driving Offence Cases
  • Terrorism Cases